Foster with Calderdale

Our focus in Calderdale is to ensure that each one of our children and young people who need foster care have a safe and nurturing home with Calderdale Foster carers.

We will be there every step of the way during your journey to becoming a foster carer and we will continue to support you during your fostering career. You will be fully supported by our fostering  community which includes  foster carers and fostering service staff, children’s social care staff and our partner organisations

Please see our range of support and benefits below:

  • Comprehensive Pre-approval training to prepare you for your Fostering journey.
  • Access to an extensive training programme including online and face-to-face training courses with guidance from our dedicated Fostering training officer.
  • Bespoke support from your own fostering social worker.
  • Peer support and mentoring from experienced foster carers.
  • Opportunity to join support groups where you can meet other foster carers and develop networks.
  • Support groups, peer support and regular activities for your own children.
  • Therapeutic support and advice via our Fostering clinic and through Calderdale Therapeutic service.
  • Opportunity to join Calderdale’s Foster Care Association (CFCA) and participate in foster carer social events.
  • Generous financial support with opportunities to progress and increase your skills payment as you develop your fostering experience.
  • Free membership to the Fostering Network, the UK’s largest charity for foster carers. This includes access to independent legal advice and helpline.
  • Opportunity to contribute to service development and improvement through our foster carer forum.

We are always looking to increase the extra benefits available to Calderdale Foster carers, you will benefit from the following range of additional benefits;

  • Gym and swim membership for Fostering households.
  • Max Cards providing discounts on family activities.
  • Up to 10% discount from an ever growing range local business.

Come and join our fostering community here in Calderdale, we are looking forward to working alongside you.

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