Children in Yorkshire need loving foster families. Can you become a foster carer with your council and help local children achieve their ambition?  Take a look at our stories and find out more about what fostering means for children near you.

If you'd like the opportunity to chat with someone about fostering there are information events across the region. To find one near you take a look at our events page.

Join the intro session to find out more about fostering in Bradford

25th May, 2022

If you would like to find out more about fostering, then why not join us at the information session to find about what fostering a child or young person is like, how it could work for you and your family and all of the fantastic support and benefits that we have for our amazing foster carers.




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Northallerton Library drop in

18th May, 2022
North Yorkshire

Have you thought about fostering but want to chat to our team first? Do you live in or around Northallerton? A member of the Fostering North Yorkshire team will be ready to chat at Northallerton Library, 1 Thirsk Rd, Northallerton DL6 1PT between 2and 3.30pm on Wednesday 18th May.

Come along and have a chat, see you soon! 

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Jack and Emily want to be rockstars…

When Jack was six and Emily ten their mother died, their father became unable to cope and they were neglected. Jack and Emily went into foster care with a local family who already had a younger child. Their lives were turned upside down and they became shy and struggled at school. Neither of them was keen on trying anything new and they weren’t confident in their own abilities.

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Susan fosters older children

‘I enjoy their company from just having a chat to taking part in activities together.’ Susan is in her late fifties and has been fostering for five years.

‘We were concerned that our religious beliefs would mean we wouldn’t be approved as foster carers, but thankfully this is not the case. Because we have been especially non-judgemental, patient and firm but kind, young people who have some behavioural problems have been able to thrive and be happy in our home. It is a safe calm place away from school which helps those who struggle there.’

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